“Sweets” An Intriguing Dive into the Nordic Noir Universe of faults

Get ready to step into the frigid, mysterious world of “Sweets,” the latest musical offering from faults. With its haunting melodies and captivating visuals, this single plunges listeners into a realm of dark intrigue and introspection.

Credit: credit: Georg Bruno Baur


As the eerie music video unfolds, viewers are drawn into a gripping crime drama masterfully crafted by faults. and filmmaker Georg Bruno Baur. Against a backdrop of bleak, icy landscapes, a troubled couple embarks on a tense journey, evoking the atmosphere of classic North American thrillers from past decades. The video’s enigmatic storyline leaves audiences on the edge of their seats, piecing together clues to unravel the protagonists’ haunting tale. At the heart of “Sweets” lies faults.’s mesmerizing musical composition. Seductive vocal loops intertwine with ethereal layers, casting a spellbinding aura over listeners. Dark, brooding guitars and subtle synths add depth and texture to the melancholic soundscape, enveloping listeners in a cocoon of introspective emotion. The song’s allure lies in its ability to transport listeners to a place of somber reflection, where reality blurs with dreams.

Faults., the brainchild of Swedish artist KC Dahlehan, showcases her prowess in crafting evocative music that resonates deeply with the soul. Building on her previous work with the Post-punk band Plaisir, “Sweets” marks a bold step forward in faults.’s artistic journey. With its haunting melodies and cinematic flair, “Sweets” stands as a testament to faults.’s ability to captivate audiences through both auditory and visual mediums.

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