Spirit Away Mike Bass’s Journey Through Introspection and Emotional Turmoil

Mike Bass’s latest single, “Spirit Away,” offers a captivating glimpse into the intricate landscape of post-relationship introspection. Hailing from Lansing, Michigan, Bass brings a unique blend of folk, Americana, and indie-folk influences to his music, along with the distinctive touch of singing in both English and Japanese. This multicultural infusion adds depth and richness to his sonic palette, setting him apart as a versatile artist.


As the second track in his 3-song EP, “Branches,” “Spirit Away” delves into the profound emotional aftermath of a breakup. Bass’s introspective lyrics peel back the layers of vulnerability, reflecting on aging and the uncertainties of the future. With honesty and sincerity, he confronts the existential questions that arise in the wake of lost love, inviting listeners to join him on a deeply personal journey of self-discovery. What sets “Spirit Away” apart is Bass’s raw authenticity and soulful delivery. Through soul-stirring melodies and intricate guitar work, he creates an intimate atmosphere that resonates with listeners on a profound level. The song’s introspective lyrics serve as a poignant reminder of the universal experience of grappling with self-doubt and searching for meaning amidst life’s complexities.

In “Spirit Away,” Bass doesn’t shy away from vulnerability; instead, he embraces it wholeheartedly, offering a comforting reassurance to those navigating similar emotional landscapes. Through his evocative storytelling and heartfelt vocals, he weaves a narrative that speaks to the shared human experience of love, loss, and self-discovery.  “Spirit Away” stands as a testament to Mike Bass’s artistry and emotional depth. With its captivating melodies and introspective lyrics, the song leaves a lasting impression, resonating long after the music fades. It’s a compelling glimpse into the soul of an artist unafraid to explore the depths of the human experience through his music.

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