Sonic Reverie Alexandre Elias’ #Jobim Symphony

In the mesmerizing album “#Jobim,” Alexandre Elias skillfully intertwines Antonio Carlos Jobim’s classic compositions with contemporary beats, creating a musical odyssey that transcends time. The ethereal notes of “Águas de Março” set the stage for an enchanting journey, where Elias pays homage to Jobim’s indelible influence on his musical narrative. The track unfolds like a poetic dance, harmonizing the traditional Bossa Nova vibe with Elias’ modern interpretation.


Jobim Song,” the sole lyrical masterpiece on the album, narrates a heartfelt story of love and connection. Laila Garin’s vocals add a poignant layer to the narrative, creating a profound emotional resonance. The song becomes a lyrical testament to Elias’ deep connection with Jobim’s music and the personal experiences that have shaped his musical identity. “Wave” and “Corcovado” showcase Elias’ instrumental prowess, particularly on the guitar. These tracks exemplify his ability to navigate the intricate melodies of Jobim’s classics while infusing them with a contemporary jazz sensibility. The soulful collaboration with Alexandre Vianna on piano and Guta Menezes on Flugelhorn enhances the album’s overall richness, creating a nuanced and sophisticated musical palette.

The choice to incorporate Lofi beats as the album’s mainstay adds a modern edge to the timeless Bossa Nova sound. Elias successfully blends elements of Jazz Hop, Jazz Lounge, and Nu Bossa, creating a seamless fusion that propels “#Jobim” into the realm of contemporary musical exploration. The album’s brilliance extends to its cover designed by Leon Nozaki, capturing the celestial and dreamlike quality of the musical journey embarked upon through “#Jobim.” As a tribute to Jobim’s enduring legacy, Alexandre Elias crafts an exceptional and authentic musical experience that beautifully merges the past and present. In summary, “#Jobim” by Alexandre Elias is a testament to the timeless allure of Jobim’s compositions, masterfully reimagined in a way that honors the past while embracing the innovations of the present. Each track unfolds like a chapter in a musical story, creating an immersive experience that resonates with both nostalgia and innovation.

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