Sometimes Julie’s ‘Seven Wishes’ A Sonic Odyssey Through Desires and Emotions

Diving into Sometimes Julie’s latest album, “Seven Wishes,” is like embarking on a sonic odyssey where desires and emotions intertwine seamlessly. The album’s fabric is woven with hard-driving rock, bluesy undertones, and a touch of country flavor, making it an eclectic journey for music enthusiasts. “Wish on the Wild Side” sets the stage with an infectious energy, driven by Monica Sorenson’s powerful vocals and Rick Walker’s intricate instrumentals. The track encapsulates the essence of the album, laying bare the raw desire for uncharted experiences and untamed passions.


The fervor continues with “Burning to Be Free,” where the band explores the intersection of rock and blues. Sorenson’s vocals take center stage, exuding both vulnerability and strength. The song’s fiery instrumentals mirror the theme of liberation, creating a powerful synergy that resonates throughout. As the album unfolds, “Missed the Boat” emerges as a standout track, blending poignant lyricism with a melodic backdrop. Sorenson’s emotive delivery carries the listener through a narrative of reflection and longing, beautifully complemented by Walker’s deft instrumentation.

“Don’t Take What’s Not Yours” showcases Sometimes Julie’s ability to infuse storytelling into their music. The track unfolds like a vivid tale, with Sorenson’s vocals narrating a cautionary tale against the backdrop of blues-infused rock. The band’s tight chemistry is evident, creating a musical landscape that captivates from start to finish. “Seven Wishes” is a testament to Sometimes Julie’s evolution as a band, delivering a diverse yet cohesive collection of songs. Whether it’s the soulful melodies of “If I Said” or the introspective journey of “Fool’s Wish,” each track adds a layer to the album’s rich tapestry. With this release, Sometimes Julie invites listeners to immerse themselves in a musical experience that transcends genres, inviting them to feel, reflect, and connect with the universal language of emotions.

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