“Solarium” by Fellow Hollow A Lush Journey into Ethereal Landscapes

Fellow Hollow’s latest single, “Solarium,” serves as a captivating entry point to their expansive new album, “BOUGHS OF TEETH.” The track gently guides listeners through a realm of gentle folk sounds, unveiling the intricate layers that define the band’s musical identity. “BOUGHS OF TEETH” itself is a sonic exploration, delving into the delicate balance between the natural and unnatural, the real and unreal. “Solarium” encapsulates this theme, offering a glimpse into the beauty and terror that emerge when these realms collide. The lyrics, delivered with emotive sincerity by Andrew Williams, transport us to tranquil disbelief, where time moves slowly, and reality blurs like scenes in an underwater movie.


The album draws inspiration from diverse sources, including literary works like “The Secret History” and “Housekeeping,” visits to unconventional places like the Santa Fe bug museum, and reflections on the remnants of fast-food empires. The infusion of these eclectic influences manifests in Fellow Hollow’s distinctive sound, characterized by intricate folk-inspired fingerpicking and lush production that obscures traditional boundaries.

Noteworthy is the expansion of Fellow Hollow from a two-piece to a three-piece and beyond, with the addition of guitarist Michael Barnett during the pandemic. The collaborative spirit shines through, with contributions from Glenn Davis and Jeff Baker, enriching the album’s sonic tapestry. In essence, “Solarium” and the broader “BOUGHS OF TEETH” showcase Fellow Hollow’s ability to create immersive, multidimensional musical landscapes. Their journey into the depths of sonic exploration leaves listeners submerged in a tranquil yet thought-provoking state of disbelief.

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