SLASHERS X Konrad Berger Unveiling the Sonic Tapestry of ‘Frustrierte Menschen / Frustrated People’

SLASHERS X Konrad Berger’s latest musical gem, “Frustrierte Menschen / Frustrated People,” has been making waves since its release on January 5, 2024. This dynamic collaboration, now proudly associated with the Valiant Horizon label, marks their spirited entry into the American musical landscape after creating a buzz across Europe. Guided by the soulful vocals of German artist Konrad Berger and expertly produced by Steve Gobin and Markus Wagner, SLASHERS skillfully navigates the intricate intersection of electronic, rock, and pop genres. Their distinctive sound seamlessly blends the ethereal allure of synthpop with the raw, unbridled energy of rock, offering a musical journey that defies conventional genre boundaries.


“Frustrierte Menschen / Frustrated People” emerges as a poignant social commentary on the perpetual quest for satisfaction and its toll on individual well-being. Through a satirical lens, SLASHERS X Konrad Berger prompts listeners to reflect on the consequences of ceaselessly pursuing elusive contentment. The track serves as a universal cautionary tale, encouraging optimism and introspection. Beyond its thematic depth, the song showcases SLASHERS’ linguistic prowess, skillfully weaving German and English lyrics together. This bilingual approach adds an extra layer of richness to the track, mirroring the seamless fusion of sonic elements that define the band’s signature style.

As the inaugural release under Valiant Horizon and Asahi Music, “Frustrierte Menschen / Frustrated People” stands not just as a song but as an invitation to reassess life’s pursuits and embrace a more fulfilling journey. SLASHERS X Konrad Berger’s latest single is a testament to their commitment to delivering narratives that resonate universally, striking an exquisite balance between thought-provoking storytelling and irresistible beats.

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