Sir-Vere’s ‘Legion’ A Sonic Anthem of Power, Warning, and Remixed Brilliance

Sir-Vere’s latest single, “Legion,” stands as a potent and timely anthem, heralding the imminent reissue of the “Lovescope” album on January 26th. The release is accompanied by a Remix collection slated for January 19th, promising an auditory feast for dancefloors worldwide. “Legion” emerges as a stirring piece of oratory, arriving at the forefront of a year marked by anticipated global power shifts. The track delivers a dual-edged message, affirming that true power resides with the people rather than in the hands of government, military, or police. Simultaneously, it issues a stern warning to those in authority, emphasizing their ultimate accountability to the masses.


Musically, “Legion” rides a wave of rhythmic momentum, skillfully blending beats, tight guitar riffs, and electro sonics into a streamlined powerhouse. The dynamic interplay between the contrasting yet harmonious voices of Sir-Vere’s Craig Hammond and Gary Morland elevates the track, creating an engaging and immersive auditory experience. In signature Sir-Vere style, “Legion” offers a diverse array of remixes, each presenting a fresh perspective on the original. Notably, the alternate version by Dan Konopka, the drummer-producer of Grammy award-winning OK GO fame, adds an edgy, subtly distorted layer to the track. Other remixes by S-VAS, Rise Bailey Rise, Vodzilla, Rory Hoy, and Kid Breaks contribute to the eclectic mix, ensuring a captivating sonic journey.

“Legion” serves as a compelling preview of the upcoming “Lovescope” album reissue, promising a rich musical exploration upon its release on January 26th via Worldsound / Virgin Music Group. Sir-Vere, comprised of Craig Hammond, Gary Morland, Stevie Vega, and Ian McEwan, continues to captivate audiences with their thought-provoking lyrics and genre-blending soundscapes, making “Legion” a standout addition to their discography.

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