Sigh Twombly’s “On The Loose” A Sonic Voyage Through Time and Space

Amidst a shroud of mist, a celestial light pierces through, disrupting the linear flow of time. Echoes of antiquity stir, resonating with the tolling of distant church bells manifested through guitars. This ethereal experience is masterfully crafted by Sigh Twombly, the brainchild of musician Lukas Alexander, now calling Los Angeles home. Alexander’s musical acumen weaves together moments from the annals of sound, imbuing them with a contemporary relevance. While traces of 60’s bass grooves and late 80’s guitar harmonies are discernible, they emerge with a renewed purpose. The mist lifts, revealing enigmatic forms on the horizon.


In the heart of a crisp LA morning, Lukas Alexander, along with Noah Weinman of Runnner, and Warner Hiatt of Worn-tin, converged at Hiatt’s distinct home studio to birth “On The Loose.” Hiatt’s idiosyncratic space provided the ideal vintage backdrop for the track’s creation, leaving behind its signature hiss on the final recording. Weinman and Hiatt co-produced this piece, a creation penned and performed by Alexander.

The lyrics narrate a poignant liberation, chronicling the ebb and flow of an uneven relationship, encapsulated in the resounding chorus: “You’re on the loose now.” It’s a bittersweet farewell, a wish for well-being and a shedding of the past. Yet, within this context, it evokes not cynicism, but rather, an appreciative acknowledgment. It’s a grand bestowal of freedom, coupled with a genuine admiration for what was, is, and will be. “On The Loose” encapsulates the essence of emancipation, a resonant declaration of breaking free.

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