SHSH, Forging a Metal Paradise

In the realm of industrial thrash metal, Lithuania’s SHSH reign supreme. Their sound, colossal enough to require a crane for its guitar riffs, is matched only by their band members’ alter egos and theatrical costumes. Formed in 2017, SHSH have taken Lithuania by storm and are now poised to conquer the UK and beyond with their album “The Great Paradise of Tomorrow” and its single “Homeopsychopathy.”


The band’s core members adopt monikers like Mastermind, Saxocutioner, Riot, Mr. Lead, and Edgelord, each embodying distinct personalities integral to the project. Lead guitarist Mastermind serves as the band leader and primary songwriter, exuding traits of passion and visionary thinking. Saxocutioner, the vocalist and saxophonist, brings playful flamboyance, while Edgelord, the rhythm guitarist, exudes brutal, satanic energy. Riot, the drummer, strikes a balance between intimidating appearance and kind-heartedness, and Mr. Lead, the bassist, exudes a laid-back, old-school charm.

SHSH’s inception during their high school days infuses their music with a playful, experimental spirit. This youthful vigor, coupled with their refusal to conform to musical norms, has catapulted them to the forefront of the Lithuanian metal scene. Their approach, characterized by a refusal to use in-ear monitors or clicktracks, relies instead on earplugs and stage monitors, allowing their natural groove to shine through in live performances.

Beyond their music, SHSH is on a mission with their “Kill alt/indie” movement, decrying the homogenization of music festivals by “lazy and pretentious alternative and indie rock bands.” With their unique sound, larger-than-life personas, and a message to shake up the status quo, SHSH is set to captivate the global thrash metal community. Brace yourselves for the tidal wave of pure, unadulterated metal paradise that SHSH brings.

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