SEPH, Navigating Musical Landscapes with Raw Emotion

Hailing from Columbus, Ohio, SEPH, the brainchild of Joseph Majka, emerges as an artist with a distinctive vision. Influenced by 90s pop icons and modern trailblazers like Allie X, MARINA, Tove Lo, and Years & Years, SEPH’s musical journey has been a deeply personal one. From his early days in the project Afterglow, alongside his twin, to his evolution as a solo artist, SEPH’s path has been marked by an unyielding commitment to his unique sound. His debut record, “Electric Expressions,” released in 2021, showcased his ability to craft tracks like “Out of My Head,” “Static Crush,” and “Euphoria” that resonate with raw authenticity.

Now, with his upcoming sophomore album slated for 2024, SEPH ventures even further into the depths of intensity, emotion, and passion. His new single, “Secrets Taste Like You,” sets the tone for this journey, offering a window into the complexities of bittersweet relationships. The haunting refrain, “Secrets taste just like you,” serves as a powerful testament to the duality of memory, where both light and shadow coexist. Recording at Vaughan Music Studios in Upper Arlington, Ohio, SEPH collaborates with audio engineer Matthew Hagberg, ensuring each track is a meticulously crafted piece of art. The album, a culmination of years of introspection and musical exploration, stands as a cathartic expression of SEPH’s growth and resilience.

SEPH’s artistic odyssey is one marked by unwavering dedication, a testament to the transformative power of music in processing the complexities of life. Through his forthcoming album, he invites listeners to witness the dawn after a journey through the night, a testament to the strength found in vulnerability. With SEPH, music becomes not just a means of expression, but a vessel for profound connection and understanding.

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