“Seconds and Circles” Connie Lansberg’s Jazz Odyssey into Authenticity

“Seconds and Circles,” the latest gem from Melbourne’s Connie Lansberg, unveils a musical tapestry that transcends the boundaries of conventional jazz, showcasing the artist’s prowess as Australia’s most streamed jazz sensation. This transformative piece is not merely a song; it’s a sculpted experience, part of Lansberg’s unique concept of Transformational Entertainment™, where jazz becomes a tool to delicately dislodge emotional stagnancy from the listener’s soul.


Collaborating with pianist Mark Fitzgibbon, Lansberg crafts a waltz that stands as the antithesis of musical clutter, fearlessly embracing authenticity. The track unfolds against a backdrop of accessible melodies and Fitzgibbon’s exquisite piano work. Mark Fitzgibbon, who co-wrote this masterpiece, brings an additional layer of brilliance, defining the contours of emotion with each note. “Seconds and Circles” is not just a jazz composition; it’s an exploration of reality acceptance and a celebration of authenticity. Lansberg’s lyrics, delivered with heartfelt storytelling, weave a narrative that invites listeners into a profound introspection. The trio, complemented by the rich bass of Ben Hanlon and the tasteful drumming of Peter Hodges, creates a synergy that elevates the song beyond musical boundaries.

In the words of renowned jazz critic Scott Yanow, Lansberg’s compositions are anything but ordinary. Her quietly expressive jazz vocals, coupled with a beautiful voice, instill a sense of divinity and shared human experience. The song invites daily resonance in households, urging a recognition of our shared truths. Connie Lansberg’s “Seconds and Circles” isn’t just music; it’s an artistic force that beckons us to embrace our collective humanity through the beauty of jazz.

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