Satellite Train’s “Cry” A Poignant Tale of Resilience and Anticipation

Satellite Train’s latest single, “Cry,” released on October 13, 2023, provides a heartrending narrative that explores the emotions of a young child grappling with the absence of parents and the solitude of childhood. The song’s poignant lyrics convey a message of inner strength and the pursuit of joy even amidst adversity. This single serves as a preview of the upcoming debut album, “The Melbourne Sessions,” which promises to be a significant release in the indie music scene. Satellite Train’s previous single, “Superstar,” achieved impressive chart positions, peaking at #25 on the World Indie Charts and #26 on the European Indie Charts, setting high expectations for their forthcoming album.


“The Melbourne Sessions” was born from a unique and spontaneous recording process over a weekend in Melbourne, Australia. Eschewing rehearsals and demo recordings, the musicians relied on scratch guide music charts to craft each track. This innovative approach aimed to capture an authentic live sound, resulting in a raw and compelling musical experience.

The talented lineup of musicians, including guitarist Shane O’Mara, keyboard player John McAll, bassist Pasquale Monea, and drummer John (Watto) Watson, among others, contributed to the album’s distinctive sound. Vocalist Michael Painter, known for his work with Australian bands Icehouse and Jimmy Barnes, added another layer of depth to the recording. “Cry” stands as a testament to Satellite Train’s ability to create music that resonates on an emotional level. With its heartfelt narrative and captivating sound, the single offers a tantalizing glimpse into what listeners can expect from “The Melbourne Sessions.” This release is poised to make a significant mark in the indie music landscape.

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