S J Denney’s ‘The Trouble With Me EP’, A Sonic Tapestry of Artistry and Evolution

S J Denney’s latest EP is a testament to his musical journey, a vivid evolution that culminates in a collection of songs that resonate with depth and creativity. Based in Essex, United Kingdom, Denney’s musical odyssey began with a serendipitous encounter with vinyl records of The Beatles’ White Album and Neil Young’s Harvest. From there, he embarked on a musical adventure that saw him transition from choir boy to a self-taught acoustic guitar virtuoso. ‘The Trouble With Me EP’ stands as a testament to Denney’s multifaceted talent, as he not only lends his soulful vocals but also takes the reins of production. Each track is a testament to his creative prowess, with many of the instruments finding their origins in the cabin at the end of his garden.


The EP unfurls with ‘Let’s See Where This Goes’, a Celtic rock anthem infused with echoes of Kate Bush. The rich tapestry of sounds, including uillean pipes and the fiddle, weaves a musical landscape that is both intricate and captivating.’Trying to Be Someone’ carries a history that Denney finally brings to life. The addition of horns and an erhu infuse the track with a newfound vibrancy, capturing his artistic vision in its full glory. ‘Tread Carefully’ exudes an infectious energy, evoking shades of musical legends like The Beatles, The Byrds, and Bruce Springsteen. Its stadium-ready tempo ensures it leaves an indelible mark.

‘What More Can I Say?’ takes an enchanting Middle Eastern waltz route, featuring a string section and an array of ethnic instruments. The inclusion of the duclar adds a distinct touch that elevates the track to ethereal heights.A hidden gem, ‘Cabin Fever’, closes the EP with a vibrant fusion of country rock and unapologetic edge. It’s a testament to Denney’s fearless exploration of creative boundaries. S J Denney’s ‘The Trouble With Me EP’ is a masterpiece of musical evolution, a showcase of an artist unafraid to push the boundaries of his craft. Each track is a revelation, weaving a tapestry of sounds that speak volumes about his talent and creativity. This EP is not just a collection of songs; it’s a musical journey that demands to be heard.

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