RUSSGREEZY Strikes Gold with “Thinkin’ of You”

RUSSGREEZY, also known as Russell Grey, is an emerging artist making waves with his latest release, “Thinkin’ of You.” Hailing from Los Angeles, this singer-songwriter has been honing his craft since 2016 and began pursuing music seriously in 2020. “Thinkin’ of You” showcases RUSSGREEZY’s undeniable talent and draws inspiration from artists like Chris Brown, Bryson Tiller, and Kehlani. The track’s production, handled by Cold Melody, complements RUSSGREEZY’s soulful vocals, creating a mesmerizing blend of R&B and contemporary pop. One of RUSSGREEZY’s strengths lies in his dynamic live performances. He has headlined numerous shows across Los Angeles, leaving audiences captivated with his energy and stage presence. Notably, he graced the iconic Viper Room in West Hollywood for two packed-out nights, solidifying his place in the local music scene.


RUSSGREEZY’s virtual platform on social media has been instrumental in connecting directly with his audience. With an Instagram following of 30k, he has garnered a dedicated fan base, particularly in the Philippines, where his parents hail from. This international reach speaks volumes about the universal appeal of his music.

Reviews of RUSSGREEZY’s work highlight his ability to evoke nostalgia and good vibes reminiscent of 2014. His “beautiful voice” and charismatic energy have earned him praise, with some even dubbing him a “Cheat Code” for effortlessly elevating collaborations. “Thinkin’ of You” was a collaborative effort, with Russell Grey writing the lyrics, Cold Melody handling production, and Julian Salas overseeing recording, mixing, and mastering at Golden Impala Recording Studio in Los Angeles. The result is a track that not only showcases RUSSGREEZY’s vocal prowess but also reflects the dedication and talent of the entire production team. “Thinkin’ of You” is a testament to RUSSGREEZY’s artistry and marks an exciting chapter in his musical journey. With his unique sound and captivating performances, he is undoubtedly an artist to watch in the contemporary R&B scene.

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