Revolving Sounds, CENTRIFUGE’s Sonic Journey from Skate Punk to Indie Rock

Hailing from the Florida skate punk scene since 2017, this band is hitting hard with their latest release, ‘All They Told You’. This marks their second track of 2023, featuring their new vocalist Matt Shelly. Following the success of ‘The Real Me’, this song continues to resonate deeply with their fanbase.


The lyrics cut through societal norms, challenging the status quo and advocating for a better way of life. ‘All They Told You’ is an anthemic rebellion, its infectious melody intertwining seamlessly with energetic guitar riffs. It’s a track that’s impossible not to belt out along with. Their upcoming release, “It’s All Gone,” promises to be a classic indie rock masterpiece. The lead guitar hooks you in, leading into an air drum roll that practically ushers you onto the dance floor. The vocals, delivered with fervor, add an extra layer of intensity. It’s a song about losing one’s bearings when confronted with an unavoidable truth, capturing that feeling of awakening from a long, dreamless slumber.

This single is a precursor to CENTRIFUGE’s eagerly anticipated EP, “Daydreams & Breakdowns,” slated for release in November. Their journey as a band, born from a chance encounter on a summer’s night, is a testament to the serendipity of music and the power of shared creative vision. Blending the influences of 70s Power Pop, 90s Alternative, and 00s Indie, CENTRIFUGE is poised to make a significant mark on the indie rock scene. .

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