Resonating Hope, Maccie x JPRiZM’s ‘Back to Me’ Chronicles a Journey of Connection

Maccie x JPRiZM’s latest release, “Back to Me,” emerges as a beacon of musical fusion, transcending geographic and genre boundaries. Hailing from Toronto and Boston, this dynamic duo crafts a sound that defies convention, offering a timeless message of hope and optimism born from a past of searching and yearning. Maccie’s vocals are a captivating blend of serenity and power, weaving melodies that resonate deep within the soul. Beyond her singing prowess, she reveals herself as a multi-talented artist, painting vivid landscapes that mirror the depth of her music. As an aerial silks artist, she gracefully marries physical agility with the elegance of her creative spirit.


JPRiZM, the producer, composer, and keyboardist, revels in the vast expanse of musical creativity. Untethered by genres, his style embodies the essence of a prism, ever-changing and diverse. This collaborative effort with Maccie culminates in a unique blend of synth-pop and ageless ballads, offering a poignant tribute to a mother’s memory and a 15-year journey through foster care.

Their musical journey began at Canadian Music Week in Toronto, where mutual admiration blossomed into an instant creative chemistry. This led to Maccie’s visit to JPRiZM’s Boston studio, resulting in the creation of several tracks, including the heartfelt “Back to Me.” In addition to their musical prowess, Maccie’s talents extend to mesmerizing paintings that mirror the depth of her music. Her aerial silks performances, intertwining physical grace with creative expression, further attest to her versatility. JPRiZM’s recent collaboration with afrobeat hip hop artist Echezona found its place in the EA Sports legendary 2K video game, garnering radio play and a national brand ad campaign spot.

“Back to Me” is more than a song; it’s an anthem for anyone who’s ever yearned for familiarity, shared laughter, or a warm embrace. Inspired by Maccie’s personal journey through foster care, it resonates with the universal human desire for connection and hope.

Maccie aptly encapsulates the song’s essence, sharing, “The lyrics might not explicitly reveal, but the undertones of the song resonate with the deep-seated longing, hurt, and hope of a young soul yearning for her mother.” JPRiZM beautifully adds, “Back to Me evokes a message of hope and human connection. Trepidation coupled with optimism. The music is a unique mix of melodies that call back to the era of timeless ballads, and blends with the rhythms of what we’ve come to enjoy from the modern era.” In “Back to Me,” Maccie x JPRiZM have crafted more than music; they’ve crafted an experience that transcends time and place.

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