Resonance Through Loss Strawberry Blonde’s ‘Water’ Shines in Somebody Hold Me EP

“Water” by Strawberry Blonde is a hauntingly beautiful testament to the power of music in the face of loss. Having experienced the death of my own father, I found solace in the process of crafting songs that delve into the depths of grief. The inclusion of the phrase “blood is thicker than water” in the chorus of this forthcoming release strikes a chord of profound resonance, emphasizing the enduring bond we share with our departed loved ones. The making of the EP, “Somebody Hold Me,” was a journey marked by both pain and release. Negotiating the uncertainties of a world in turmoil, the late-night sessions at Two Worlds Recording, overseen by the capable hands of Billy Mannino, became a crucible of artistic challenge and beauty. The result is an EP that bears the imprint of genuine heart and soul.


Strawberry Blonde’s musical fusion mirrors the intricate songwriting of American Football intertwined with the shimmering allure of The 1975. Their lyrics, raw and unguarded, lend a directness that strikes an emotional chord, as aptly acknowledged by Clash Magazine. Formed in 2015 at SUNY Purchase Conservatory of Music, the band’s solid musical foundation lays the groundwork for their genre-blurring sound.

Pulsating r&b rhythms, dreamy guitar melodies, intricate horn arrangements, and soul-stirring pop vocals culminate in a sonic landscape reminiscent of the likes of Foxing and Bon Iver. Their track “Another Dream” from the debut EP “Better Still” found a rightful place in the film “All Those Friendly People,” alongside revered acts like Basement and Joyce Manor. With the release of “Stay / SPF 3000” and “Always / Please (Somebody Hold Me),” Strawberry Blonde marks their long-awaited return to the music scene with a resounding and unforgettable presence.

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