Resilient Harmonies Ben Drysdale’s Debut Solo Anthem ‘If I Don’t Lie Down’

In Ben Drysdale’s recently unleashed debut solo single, “If I Don’t Lie Down,” listeners are treated to a musical tapestry woven with resilience and determination. Released on December 15, 2023, this track emanates from a transformative moment in Hawaii, where Drysdale, amidst the creative camaraderie of the Hawaii Songwriting Festival, found inspiration at the unconventional hour of 2 am. Beyond being a mere song, “If I Don’t Lie Down” is a narrative of self-discovery and tenacity, reflective of Drysdale’s personal and artistic journey. This release marks a pivotal juncture for the award-winning Canberra songwriter, transitioning from collaborative ventures to his inaugural solo project—an Indie folk endeavor under his own name.


Drawing from his extensive experience performing across Canberra and Australia’s East Coast, Drysdale’s musical repertoire spans the spectrum. From poignant ballads delving into the human condition’s depths to lively foot-stompers radiating hope, this single falls into the latter category. It stands as a foot-stomping anthem, urging listeners to rise above self-doubt, persist, and passionately pursue their aspirations.

The upbeat nature and infectious energy of “If I Don’t Lie Down” resonate with audiences, offering more than a mere musical experience. It encapsulates a narrative of self-discovery and unwavering determination. Drysdale’s global collaborations, international songwriting accolades, and features on US TV shows underscore the depth of his musical journey. With the release of “If I Don’t Lie Down,” listeners not only gain access to a melodic gem but also become part of a profound exploration of resilience—a testimony to the indomitable spirit that propels artistic pursuit. As the echoes of this debut solo release reverberate, it solidifies Ben Drysdale’s place as a solo artist, leaving an indelible mark on the musical landscape.

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