Rebellion Unleashed Eruption Artistique’s ‘Ball&Chain’ – A Sonic and Visual Manifesto

In a tumultuous collision of Real Rotterdam Rock n Roll & Art, Eruption Artistique collaborates with The Smackbar, delivering a powerhouse original video for “Ball&Chain.” Emerging from the creative crucible of the pandemic, this non-commercial collective of artists manifests a vibrant love for alternative music and film, breathing life into their dynamic collaboration. The diverse lineup, featuring Sara, Bas, Mike, Vinnie, Emil, and Jean Paul Gummo, crafts a sonic tapestry influenced by the expansive range of alternative rock from the ’60s to the ’90s. From The Rolling Stones to The Dandy Warhols, their inspirations converge into a distinctive sound that defies genre boundaries.


“Ball&Chain,” prominently featured on the Suicide Squad 2 playlist, is a testament to their musical prowess. Claiming the coveted number one spot on the Dutch charts with “HI HA,” Eruption Artistique proves their mettle in the alternative music scene. Beyond their auditory accomplishments, the collective takes pride in a DIY approach, creating their own videos that amplify the visual and artistic dimension of their expression. The ethos behind “Ball&Chain” is encapsulated in the rallying cry: “YOU HAVE TO BECOME THE PARTY, BE THE PARTY.” Producer Emil poetically characterizes the track as the offspring of “the Dandy Warhols and the Stones’ album Sticky Fingers,” a fitting description for a song that exudes rebellious energy and untamed spirit.

The music of Eruption Artistique transcends conventional boundaries; it embodies a movement, a call for change and thoughtful expression. Beyond the accolades, the collective’s commitment to unbridled creativity is encapsulated in a previous review: “Eruption Artistique are more than music; they represent art, burgeoning for change and thought.” The accompanying video for “Ball&Chain” adds a visually dazzling layer to the auditory experience. It stands as a testament to the collective’s ethos, showcasing the coolness of being an integral part of their artistic movement. With a sound that is both rebellious and innovative, Eruption Artistique and The Smackbar solidify their position as torchbearers of Real Rotterdam Rock n Roll & Art. “Ball&Chain” becomes not just a song but a sonic and visual manifesto, inviting audiences into a world where the boundaries between music and art blur, creating an immersive experience that resonates with rebellion and creative fervor.

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