Rage Toxin’s ‘Narcissistic Alibi’ – A Bold Statement of Resilience

In the realm of rock music, authenticity and raw emotion are often revered, and Rage Toxin’s latest single, “Narcissistic Alibi,” embodies these qualities with striking clarity. Halley Feaster, the creative force behind Rage Toxin, delivers a poignant narrative of personal growth and empowerment through this powerful track.


At its core, “Narcissistic Alibi” is a bold statement of resilience in the face of betrayal and manipulation. With lyrics that cut to the core, Feaster confronts the painful aftermath of a toxic relationship, refusing to succumb to feelings of shame or self-doubt. Instead, she emerges stronger and more discerning, armed with a finely-tuned “bullshit radar” to detect insincerity from miles away. Feaster’s solo rock project is characterized by heavy riffs and scathing lyrics, drawing inspiration from a diverse array of influences. From the edgy vibes of Royal and the Serpent to the emotive depth of Mothica and Ashnikko, Rage Toxin’s sound is as multifaceted as the emotions it evokes. Recorded and produced in the heart of Los Angeles, “Narcissistic Alibi” benefits from Feaster’s keen attention to detail and her husband Michael Engesser’s expertise in mixing and mastering. The result is a sonically rich and immersive listening experience that captures the raw intensity of Feaster’s artistic vision.

But beyond its musical merits, “Narcissistic Alibi” is a rallying cry for anyone who has ever felt betrayed or deceived by someone they trusted. It’s a reminder to trust in oneself, to recognize the warning signs of toxic relationships, and to emerge from adversity with newfound strength and resilience.  “Narcissistic Alibi” is more than just a song; it’s a testament to the power of music to heal, empower, and inspire. With its bold lyrics, electrifying instrumentation, and unapologetic attitude, this single cements Rage Toxin’s status as a force to be reckoned with in the rock music landscape.

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