Proklaim, A Soulful Reflection in Rap

In the realm of introspective rap, Proklaim stands as a solitary figure, using his craft to express profound inner musings with unwavering honesty and a fiery devotion to the art. This musical endeavor is a one-person journey led by the talented Proklaim. Since 2011, he has been a lone maestro, sculpting his unique sound and lyrical narratives.



Drawing from the rich legacy of rap icons such as Nas, Tupac, Jay Z, Lauryn Hill, and Drake, Proklaim’s music is a mosaic of influences that have shaped his distinct style. His appearance on MTV Bass’s Kingz Video is a testament to his rising prominence in the music circuit. An intriguing nugget from Proklaim’s journey is his initial foray into rap intertwined with the pursuit of guitar mastery. This fusion of musical disciplines adds depth and texture to his compositions. The single, a poignant creation, was birthed in the diverse landscapes of Namibia and refined by the skilled hands of Lu Diaz in Florida. It’s a testament to the global scope of Proklaim’s musical vision.

Embedded within this musical tapestry is a core philosophy – a call to trust one’s intuition, to heed the stirring within the chest, for therein often lies one’s true purpose. The essence of the song lies in its soulfulness, an intricate dance of lyrics and beats that Proklaim discovered and acquired. These initial three tracks of 2023 mark a significant milestone in his artistic odyssey.

In Proklaim’s profound words, “Kings have fallen at the hands of the trifling.” This poignant observation reflects the trials and tribulations faced on the path to musical mastery. With this track, Proklaim invites us to traverse the depths of his thoughts, to feel the fervor that fuels his rap, and to witness an artist unapologetically claiming his place in the world of music.

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