Prison Escapee Unshackles Emotional Landscapes in ‘The Day Lennon Died’

Erik David Hidde, the sonic craftsman behind Prison Escapee, invites us into the melancholic realms of his musical universe with the latest single, “The Day Lennon Died.” Hailing from Long Beach, CA, Hidde’s artistic journey takes center stage in this poignant release, marking a significant chapter in his musical evolution. After a stint running the independent record label Housewarming Records in New York, Hidde redirected his creative energy into Prison Escapee. Since its inception in 2014, the project has been a canvas for his introspective, electronic rock creations, all meticulously birthed within the confines of his living room.


“The Day Lennon Died” is a somber ode released on the anniversary of John Lennon’s passing, paying homage to one of Hidde’s most revered songwriters. The track encapsulates Prison Escapee’s signature blend of melancholy, electronic, and rock elements, reflecting Hidde’s diverse influences, including Mogwai, Thom Yorke, The National, Broken Social Scene, The Doors, and The Velvet Underground. As the sole contributor, Hidde not only penned the lyrics, but he also undertook the roles of composer, producer, engineer, and instrumentalist. The song, like all his creations, emerges as an intimate offering, self-recorded and produced in his living room sanctuary. “The Day Lennon Died” invites listeners to navigate a spectrum of emotions, a melodic catharsis that delves into the universal human contemplation of mortality. Hidde’s soulful voice, reminiscent of Nick Cave or late Bob Dylan, becomes the vessel for these emotive landscapes, accompanied by haunting strings, piano, post-rock riffs, and shimmering synths.

Beyond its musical prowess, the single has garnered critical acclaim, earning distinctions such as “Most underrated artist of 2020” and being hailed as “one of the best underground albums of the year.” Erik David Hidde’s commitment to crafting music that transcends genres and resonates with raw authenticity makes “The Day Lennon Died” a poignant addition to the Prison Escapee repertoire. As Hidde aptly puts it, “We all wonder how to cope with death, but music can be medicine, and this song was made specifically for that.”

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