“Para Lia’s ‘In Clash With The Zeitgeist’ A Sonic Rebellion”

Para Lia’s latest offering, ‘In Clash With The Zeitgeist’, is a bold and eclectic journey through post-punk and indie rock. Released under Berlin label About Us Records, the album spans 11 tracks, each a testament to the duo’s unapologetic departure from mainstream trends.

Para Lia

The brainchild of multi-instrumentalist René Methner and vocalist Cindy Methner, Para Lia boldly infuses late 80s and early 90s indie rock with a concoction of psychedelic, garage rock, and 60s influences, along with a touch of early prog rock elements. Mastered by Thommy Hein, known for his work with musical heavyweights like Die Ärzte and Udo Lindenberg, the album exudes a distinctive sonic identity. Recorded and produced at their home studio in Cottbus, Germany, ‘In Clash With The Zeitgeist’ showcases Para Lia’s evolution, with the band expanding from a duo to a six-member ensemble, primed for live performances.

The album’s standout tracks, such as ‘C’est La Vie’, ‘Yellow Rose’, and ‘Mr. Perry’, each deliver a unique sonic experience. ‘C’est La Vie’ exudes a driving energy, while ‘Yellow Rose’ offers a dreamy, melodic reflection on life. ‘Mr. Perry’ stands out with Andreas Jäpel’s vocals, weaving a captivating narrative. René Methner aptly describes the album as “psychalovic,” a fusion of 60s nostalgia with modern indie rock sensibilities. The duo’s willingness to defy current trends is evident, resulting in a collection that is both fresh and invigorating.

With ‘In Clash With The Zeitgeist’, Para Lia boldly carves out their niche in the alternative rock/post-punk landscape, inviting listeners into a world that defies convention and embraces sonic diversity.

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