Octdron’s ‘Pocket City Paradise’ A Sonic Journey into Duality and Dystopia

Octdron’s latest release, “Pocket City Paradise,” is a mesmerizing journey into the realms of minimal techno and ambient music. The album exudes an aura of serenity, with its smooth surfaces and tranquil melodies. Yet, beneath this calm exterior lies an ominous undercurrent of impending doom. It’s a sonic exploration of duality, where the surface tranquility masks a looming sense of unease.


Based in Brooklyn, NY, Octdron is an electronic music artist pushing boundaries at the crossroads of ambient, downtempo, minimal techno, and drone music. With “Pocket City Paradise,” he invites listeners into a world where music serves as both a soothing backdrop and an evocative storyteller. The album, released on the ominous date of Friday the 13th, delves into a fictional narrative of a totalitarian regime tightening its grip on an unsuspecting populace. As the regime encroaches further, it begins to curtail individual rights, dictate personal relationships, and control even the most intimate aspects of citizens’ lives. It’s a science fiction tale that resonates with the haunting realities of our world.

Despite the weighty themes, Octdron’s music is not just an auditory experience, but a functional one. It serves as a soundtrack for productivity, offering a sonic landscape to accompany the act of getting things done. “Pocket City Paradise” challenges the boundaries of genre, inviting listeners to explore the intricacies of sound and emotion. In this album, Octdron has masterfully woven a tapestry of sound that captivates and challenges in equal measure. It’s a testament to his ability to craft music that not only engages the senses but also sparks contemplation. “Pocket City Paradise” is more than an album; it’s an immersive experience that leaves a lasting impression.

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