Nostalgic Reverie: Sam Wrangle’s Sonic Journey

Sam Wrangle takes us on a nostalgic journey, reviving the cherished sounds of our musical upbringing. His deliberate analog approach is evident not only in his music but also in his choice of film photography. With an organic sound that resonates, Wrangle is set to embark on an exciting musical venture in Melbourne, promising a fresh sonic experience.


The band’s core comprises Sam Wrangle, a versatile talent handling writing, production, and a range of instruments, including bass and acoustic guitars, vocals, and synths. Dylan Young complements the ensemble with his rhythmic prowess on drums, percussion, and engineering expertise. Based in Brisbane, Australia, Wrangle’s musical synergy with Dylan Young, who is deeply ingrained in the Melbourne music scene, creates a dynamic fusion. Influenced by the likes of Tame Impala, Supertramp, and Joy Division, their sound is a blend of indie pop, psychedelic, and rock elements.

The latest release, recorded in Wrangle’s penthouse in Norman Park, Brisbane, encapsulates a DIY ethos, drawing inspiration from early Tame Impala. The track delves into the duality of experiences, contrasting the innocence of youth with the complexities of adulthood. Telopea Park, a real place, serves as a symbolic backdrop, where youthful infatuation blossomed. Wrangle’s candid reflection on his journey, encapsulated by the quote, “Think less, do more,” embodies the essence of his musical odyssey. This release is not just a song, but a bridge connecting the heart of adolescence to the contemplative soul of adulthood.

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