Night’s Bright Colors Illuminates the Indie Soundscape with Timeless Melodies

In the mosaic of indie pop, Night’s Bright Colors, a brainchild of Jason Smith hailing from Asheville, N.C., paints a vivid picture with their latest self-titled album. Released in July 2023, this compilation is a sonorous journey through the echoes of the 1990s independent music movement, reminiscent of icons like Elliott Smith, The Shins, and Built To Spill.


The album is a testament to Smith’s two decades of musical craftsmanship, bringing together a collection of vibrant, melodic indie pop tunes. With a rotating ensemble of friends and contributors, Night’s Bright Colors encapsulates the essence of Smith’s musical evolution since its formation in 2003. The self-titled album, recorded, mixed, and produced by Kevin Boggs (Fashion Bath), is a masterful revisitation and reimagining of favorite tracks from Smith’s previous releases. The shimmering indie-pop vibes, infectious hooks, and captivating lyrics are interwoven with nods to Smith’s classical training, creating a sonic tapestry that is both nostalgic and contemporary. The cover art by Asheville-based photographer Josh Rhinehart visually captures the album’s allure.

Beyond the music realm, Smith’s talent extends to composing for film, television, and theater, infusing Night’s Bright Colors with an expansive, cinematic quality. For enthusiasts of Elliott Smith, Iron And Wine, and Nick Drake, Night’s Bright Colors’ latest offering is a harmonious celebration of indie-pop, radiating timeless melodies and lyrical finesse. Dive into the vibrant soundscape at and experience the luminosity of Night’s Bright Colors.

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