“NEVERUNDER” Unleashes Gritty Grunge Anthems in Debut Album “Broken String”

NEVERUNDER, a London-based heavy grunge sensation, is set to detonate their sonic rage in the streets with their debut album, “Broken String.” Comprising Noah Roovers as the Singer-Songwriter, Ky Underhill on Guitar, Jools on Bass, and Matt Hocine on Drums, the band emerged in 2022 when Noah and Shaurik Mishra (guitarist) joined forces, recording the initial album before Mishra’s return to India, connected by a shared passion for music. Preferring to keep their main influences shrouded in mystery, NEVERUNDER has already made waves in the live scene with a sold-out gig on November 10, 2023, in East London, as well as performances across the UK and a slated appearance at Dublin Castle on May 17, 2024.


The band’s journey isn’t without its share of memorable moments, from a singer passing out after an intense performance in “Buddy’s a Dud” to rowdy mosh pits and a guitarist breaking the singer’s tooth during a Dundee show. “Broken String” was crafted at The Premises Studio in London, under the production guidance of David Tither and sound engineer Neil Goody, capturing the raw energy and oversensitive anger the band aims to deliver. The ethos of the album is steeped in heavy grunge, echoing the frustration echoing through the streets of London.


Among the album’s standout tracks, “Buff,” “Buddy’s a Dud,” and “Shame on Humans” offer glimpses into NEVERUNDER’s grunge narrative, touching on themes of self-reflection, self-pity, and a scathing commentary on humanity, respectively. “Look at Me” explores a rage against oneself, while “After I Was Born” delves into more complex emotional landscapes. “Broken String” is a visceral expression of NEVERUNDER’s sonic identity, showcasing their ability to channel oversensitive anger into a grunge symphony that resonates with the gritty realities of life. As the band continues to carve its path, the streets of London reverberate with the unapologetic sound of NEVERUNDER.

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