Nero Simon and the Sunsetters, Basking in the Glow of “Tell Me”

Atlanta-based ensemble Nero Simon and the Sunsetters are setting the stage for their upcoming album with the release of their debut single, “Tell Me.” This captivating track, penned by Nero Simon himself, introduces a fresh perspective with the addition of co-lead singer Mary Ann Ooten, marking an exciting new chapter for the band. As the anticipation builds for their untitled album slated for March 2024, “Tell Me” beckons listeners into a world of musical paradise. Nero Simon, the driving force behind the band, takes center stage as lead singer, guitarist, and songwriter. Mary Ann Ooten’s vocals add a layer of depth and emotion, showcasing the band’s evolving sound.



Nero Simon and the Sunsetters are known for their genre-defying approach, seamlessly blending elements of classic rock, soft-rock, and island rhythms. This distinctive fusion creates a sonic landscape that transports audiences to sun-drenched beaches and swaying palm trees. Their debut album, lauded by American Blues Scene Magazine, was hailed as a “Treasure Chest” of contemporary coastal Americana folk, capturing the essence of sunsets, sand, and surf.

The band’s ethos is rooted in storytelling, a desire to craft musical narratives that inspire spontaneous adventure. Their sound, a modern interpretation of classic soft-rock, resonates with audiences seeking both nostalgia and innovation. “Tell Me” is a testament to Nero Simon and the Sunsetters’ ability to craft music that not only rocks the body but also soothes the soul. It’s a preview of the musical journey that awaits listeners in their upcoming album, promising an experience that transcends boundaries and invites everyone to revel in the allure of their unique sound.

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