Neoncoloredpixels, Reviving Emotion Through Triphop’s Timeless Echoes

Neoncoloredpixels, a solo artist and music producer, beckons listeners into a nostalgic reverie with the soul-stirring single “Emotion (It’s in the moment).” In an era where the nuances of emotion seem to have faded into the background, Neoncoloredpixels ventures to rekindle a collective passion for matters of the heart, set against the enchanting backdrop of triphop – a genre that once held sway over the UK in the 90s.


The track opens a portal to a diverse musical universe, drawing influences from the golden ages of the 50s, 60s, and 70s. Neoncoloredpixels’ sonic tapestry is woven with threads of personal experiences and a rich musical upbringing. From the rhythmic landscapes of house music and the visceral beats of hardcore gabber to the mind-altering sounds of Aphex Twin and Autechre, the artist’s eclectic journey adds layers of depth to the creative process. “Emotion (It’s in the moment)” unfolds as an ode to intuitive music creation, where lyrics and melodies flow organically. Crafted within the confines of Neoncoloredpixels’ home studio, the single becomes a vessel for a complete sensory experience, encouraging listeners to embrace life’s myriad facets.

Beyond rejecting conventional norms, the artist’s unique trajectory towards diverse influences has shaped a musical landscape that resonates with authenticity. The single, with its triphop-infused allure, not only marks a sonic revival but also stands as a testament to the transformative power of music. While Neoncoloredpixels might eschew conventional quotes, the music itself tells a compelling story – a narrative that transcends genres and invites listeners into a rich, personal musical experience. “Emotion (It’s in the moment)” is more than a song; it’s an invitation to explore life’s moments through a vibrant and emotive lens, echoing the artist’s sentiment that sometimes, it’s best to “quit the quotes and experience more.”

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