“NATTY WINE” Onbar’s Musical Elixir of Shy Admiration and Artistic Alchemy

“Onbar’s latest creation, ‘NATTY WINE,’ is a sublime testament to the magic that can unfold when personal experiences meet musical ingenuity. As the sole craftsman behind this enchanting single, Onbar not only penned the lyrics but also took charge of the production, recording, and mixing. It’s a testament to his multifaceted talent and an ode to the intimate creative spaces where inspiration strikes.


The inception of ‘NATTY WINE’ stems from a night at a local wine bar, where Onbar found himself captivated by the allure of the most beautiful girl he had ever encountered. Struggling with shyness, instead of mustering the courage to ask for her number, he channeled his feelings into the creation of this soulful composition. The result is a musical narrative that delicately unravels the layers of admiration and unspoken emotions. Drawing inspiration from the dynamic sounds of 2000-2010s K-pop, Onbar infuses ‘NATTY WINE’ with a contemporary vibrancy that resonates throughout the track. The decision to record and produce the single in the intimacy of his bedroom adds an authentic touch, creating an atmosphere that feels personal and genuine.

Onbar’s self-described identity as an ‘artist of life’ is evident in the ethos that permeates ‘NATTY WINE.’ The song becomes a canvas for life’s snapshots, with the beauty of the girl at the wine bar serving as the focal point for this artistic expression. It’s more than just a song; it’s a melodic encapsulation of the spontaneity and inspiration found in the everyday. As Onbar continues to evolve his musical identity, ‘NATTY WINE’ stands as a shining example of his ability to transform ordinary moments into extraordinary musical experiences. The central theme, praising the natural beauty of the girl akin to ‘natural wine,’ infuses the song with a poetic charm that lingers, making it a standout addition to Onbar’s repertoire of life-inspired creations.”

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