Mystical Musings Unveiled, The Haunted Hotel EP

Embracing the eerie spirit of Halloween, the Haunted Hotel EP, set to release on the bewitching Friday the 13th, also marks a special day – one of the band members’ birthdays. This EP promises a bag of tricks and treats, offering an instrumental piece, an original love ballad, and two spine-tingling covers, ideal companions for pumpkin carving sessions and costume donning.


The talented duo behind this mesmerizing EP are Mason Summit, master of guitar, vocals, and production, and Irene Greene, the enchanting vocalist. Their musical journey began at the USC Thornton School of Music, where their love story blossomed into a partnership lasting nearly seven years. The duo officially took flight in 2021. Influenced by luminaries like Patsy Cline, Johnny Cash, Gram Parsons, Emmylou Harris, and others, their music draws from a rich tapestry of country and folk traditions, blended with modern sensibilities.

Rocketing into prominence, they’ve graced the airwaves of KXLU and KXSC radio in Los Angeles, as well as renowned venues like the Hotel Cafe and the Basement in Nashville. Notably, their cover of “Banks of the Ohio” was featured in an online audio play called “Creepy Crawl.” The EP’s production was a collaborative feat, with Mason helming production and engineering in their East Nashville home studio. The haunting melodies were brought to life with instruments ranging from Mellotron to harmonica. Irene’s brother, Conor McCarthy, played a crucial role in vocal engineering. At its core, the Haunted Hotel EP is an exploration of love, death, and mortality. The title track, “Haunted Hotel,” draws inspiration from a chilling night at the Monte Vista hotel in Flagstaff, Arizona, rumored to be haunted. “Banks of the Ohio” offers a fresh perspective on the traditional murder ballad, while “Six Foot Under” resurrects an obscure 1960s country gem.The EP’s creation was not without its quirks, with the duo experimenting with effects pedals and navigating long-distance collaborations with their LA-based team. As Mason Summit aptly puts it, “We both love the Halloween season and are so glad we got this EP together in time for Friday the 13th! We hope it’s the perfect soundtrack to your costume contest, Halloween party or haunted hayride.” Plus, a special shout-out to their loyal canine companion, Kane, who makes a cameo on the cover photo.

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