“My Eyes” by Infraction A Haunting Journey into Nostalgic Electronica Beauty

Infraction’s hauntingly beautiful single, “My Eyes,” stands as a testament to the electronic music producer’s mastery in crafting a nostalgic journey within the realm of dark indie electronica. Drawing inspiration from the gothic electronica of the 2000s, Infraction skillfully blends warm female vocals with the icy embrace of synths and analog drums, creating a sonic landscape that resonates with a profound sense of melancholy and allure.


As a solo artist, Infraction not only wears the hat of a producer but also immerses himself in the creative process of recording and mixing. The result is a single that transcends the boundaries of traditional genres, echoing the influences of iconic acts like Crystal Castles and Mr. Kitty. The track has achieved notable recognition, with plays by Don Diablo and features in mainstream media such as CBS and Fox.

Beyond the conventional stage, Infraction’s music has found its way into unique spaces, such as the Kuala Lumpur metro and the spectacular laser show at the Burj Khalifa. The single, recorded within the intimate confines of Infraction’s home studio, reflects the artist’s dedication to his craft. “My Eyes” is more than a song; it’s a visual and auditory experience. Inspired by nostalgic fashion videos on Instagram, the track becomes a sonic canvas for cool reels and a perfect companion for nocturnal city drives. The meticulous production process, involving around 10 reworks, underscores Infraction’s commitment to refining the track’s evocative ambiance. In the artist’s own words, “Youth and darkness” encapsulate the essence of the single. “My Eyes” invites listeners to immerse themselves in a unique blend of haunting nostalgia and contemporary electronica, painting a sonic landscape that bridges the gap between the echoes of the past and the beats of the present.

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