Moon and Aries Unleashing Sonic Magic with ‘Don’t Feed The Demons’

Moon and Aries return just in time for the haunting allure of Halloween season, unveiling their latest track “Don’t Feed The Demons.” This dynamic piece weaves a spellbinding blend of electronic pop and trip-hop elements, inviting listeners into a seductive soundscape. The song carries a profound message, urging the listener to confront their inner demons with courage and determination, knowing that transformation on the inside will be mirrored in the external world. Moon and Aries, a transcontinental duo comprised of Jordana Moon in Canada and Tom Aries in Germany, transcend the barriers of time zones and borders. Their music is a multifaceted fusion of Electronic, Pop, Cinematic Synth Pop, Trip-Hop, Soul, and more, aimed at provoking thoughts, stirring emotions, and expanding consciousness.


Jordana Moon’s artistry, rooted in Western Canada, is a testament to empowerment and self-discovery. Her lyrics, delivered with a poetic finesse, are accompanied by the melodies of guitar, mandolin, ukulele, and violin. Influences ranging from jazz to neo soul, and from Joni Mitchell to Massive Attack, shape her unique sound. Tom Aries, hailing from Western Germany, brings his classical piano training to life through mesmerizing synth sequences. Having left an indelible mark in the realm of computer game and film soundtracks, Aries now channels his creativity into the duo’s work, inspired by the likes of Depeche Mode, Kraftwerk, ABBA, and the iconic sounds of the 80s.

Their journey, which began in March 2021, defies geographical constraints. Despite the vast distance and a nine-hour time difference, Moon and Aries have harmoniously created a global impact. Their discography of 27 songs has resonated across radio stations worldwide, spanning continents and captivating diverse audiences. With a string of successful releases, including the nine-track concept album “The Arrival” and the five-song summer EP “Paradise,” Moon and Aries continue to push boundaries. Their latest 9-song concept album, “Break the Matrix,” in 2023, exemplifies their unwavering commitment to artistic evolution. As they gear up for their fourth album, “Resolutions & Revolutions” in 2024, the duo’s reach and impact only continue to expand. The remarkable achievements of Moon and Aries are further underscored by their songs “Rescued” and “Blurred Vision,” both entering the Top 100 of the official DJ charts in the USA. Additionally, their track “The Arrival” has surpassed an impressive milestone of 1 million streams on Spotify, a testament to their growing influence in the music industry.

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