Monroe Moon’s Unconventional Anthem ‘Smoked a Cigarette Instead’

Monroe Moon’s “Smoked a Cigarette Instead” is a rebellious anthem that defies conventions and revels in its unapologetic rock essence. The band, composed of Theo Malkin on rhythm guitar, Bunny Monroe on vocals and keys, Ryan Jamgotch on guitar, Jude Lolly on bass, and Zach Dubay on drums, delivers a refreshing blend of unconventional sounds that are bound to leave a lasting impression.


Having graced the iconic Whiskey A-Go-Go in LA and recently signed to Bohemia Group, Monroe Moon is making waves in the music scene, and “Smoked a Cigarette Instead” perfectly encapsulates their fearless approach. Bunny Monroe’s vocals, described as those of a “Rock Goddess” by Adam Fitzgerald of Underflow Records, carry a magnetic quality that adds a layer of intensity to the track.

Recorded in Electric Moon Studios in Grand Rapids, MI, the single boasts a production dream team with Ryan Jamgotch at the engineering helm, Grammy Award-winning producer Mike Exter overseeing production, and Peter Hewitt-Dutton handling the mastering. This collaboration as an act of devotion shines through in the song’s meticulous craftsmanship. “Smoked a Cigarette Instead” is a sonic exploration of the exhilarating anticipation that precedes a romance. The lyrics paint a vivid picture of the fleeting moments before love fully unfolds. In the words of Monroe Moon, the song’s ethos revolves around the belief that “confession can be beautiful again.” With this track, Monroe Moon invites listeners to embrace the unconventional and rediscover the beauty in the raw, unfiltered expressions of music.

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