MONA’s ‘Told Ya’A Timeless Anthem of Empowerment and Reflection

MONA, fronted by the versatile US vocalist, songwriter, and producer Nick Brown, returns with a fresh single, ‘Told Ya’, released on 22nd September via ZionnoiZ Recordings/Ingrooves/Virgin Music Group. The song transcends mere lyrics and chords; it’s a testament to personal growth and seizing life’s fleeting moments. In ‘Told Ya’, Brown pens introspective lyrics that unveil layers of meaning upon careful reflection. The track stands as an encouraging nudge towards pursuing one’s desires, an ode to the ceaseless ebb and flow of life’s cycles. The seemingly straightforward verses blossom into profound revelations when applied to individual experiences. It’s not a boastful anthem; it’s an invitation to infuse your own narrative into its melody.


Hailing from Dayton, Ohio, and now rooted in Nashville, Tennessee, Nick Brown christened the band in homage to his grandmother, Mona Brown. MONA’s meteoric rise began with their inclusion in the BBC Sound of 2011 poll, followed by winning the Brand-New Act award at the MTV awards the same year. Their eponymous debut album, produced in-house, swiftly ascended the charts, establishing MONA as a formidable musical force. Beyond his solo endeavors, Brown has carved a niche as a sought-after producer and collaborator across genres. MONA, however, remains an electric force in rock and roll, channeling an authentic post-indie spirit. The upcoming year promises extensive global touring, including a pivotal role supporting Candlebox on their farewell tour.

‘Told Ya’ encapsulates MONA’s evolution, blending empowering themes with a dynamic musical landscape. It beckons listeners to seize life’s fleeting moments and etch their stories into its rhythms. Nick Brown’s musical journey continues to be an inspiration, and ‘Told Ya’ stands as a testament to his enduring creative spirit.

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