Mermaid Avenue Unveils Their Latest Musical Journey with ‘Loveday No. 9’

Brisbane/Meanjin’s own Mermaid Avenue has once again graced the music scene with their highly anticipated third album, ‘Loveday No. 9’. As a band known for traversing the musical landscape from Americana and alt-country to indie rock, their latest album seamlessly continues this exploratory trajectory while staying true to their distinctive sound. In a refreshing departure from conformity, each track on the album proudly exudes the unique essence of Mermaid Avenue. The band’s steadfast commitment to allowing their songs to organically evolve is showcased once more, as they resist the confines of predefined styles. A testament to this approach can be found in the album’s bookending masterpiece, ‘Embers of Fires Gone’, which graces listeners in two versions: one adorned with piano solos (Track 1), and the other enriched by the melancholic embrace of lap steel (Track 10).


Beyond the musical brilliance, ‘Loveday No. 9’ signifies a pivotal moment of evolution for Mermaid Avenue. This album marks a poignant transition as it bids farewell to the longstanding rhythmic heartbeat of the band, drummer Tony Judd. As they step into new creative realms, the band finds a fresh sonic canvas within the embrace of Ian Haug’s Airlock Studios, nestled within the scenic Samford Hills. Notably, this album also unveils a captivating collaboration with artist Sheena Usher, whose visual artistry graces some of the single covers. Diving even deeper, ‘Loveday No. 9′ offers a multi-faceted experience. Alongside their original compositions, the album holds a treasure trove of remixed tracks from the band’s second album. These remixes, thoughtfully curated by Recordworks’ maestro Jason Millhouse, provide a fresh perspective that complements the overarching narrative of Mermaid Avenue’s musical journey.

As ‘Loveday No. 9’ resounds through speakers and headphones, it encapsulates not only the soulful spectrum of Mermaid Avenue’s signature sound but also their ongoing commitment to growth, exploration, and authenticity. Mermaid Avenue is a Brisbane/Meanjin-based band celebrated for their genre-defying musical approach. Seamlessly weaving elements of Americana, alt-country, and indie rock, they have consistently stayed true to their distinctive style while embracing evolution. With a trail of albums that each tell a unique story, their music is a testament to artistic integrity and sonic exploration. ‘Loveday No. 9’ is the latest chapter in Mermaid Avenue’s musical odyssey, inviting listeners to join them on an immersive journey through soundscapes and emotions.

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