Mark Vennis & Different Place Unleash Halloween Thriller “Small Town Vampire”

Mark Vennis & Different Place are back with a Halloween treat: “Small Town Vampire,” the title track of their forthcoming album set to drop in January 2024. This infectious tune draws inspiration from punk legends The Clash, Britpop pioneers Blur, and the soulful stylings of Paul Weller. “Small Town Vampire” takes aim at the self-important figures who dominate quaint locales, clinging to fading youth with a misguided sense of grandeur. The song’s narrator delivers a witty take on this age-old small-town dynamic, painting a vivid picture of a community steeped in triviality.


Blending elements of new wave, Britpop, and punk, this track exudes attitude while maintaining a strong melodic core. It’s a musical collision of Joe Strummer’s punk ethos with Damon Albarn’s Britpop sensibilities. Mark Vennis & Different Place hail from Petersfield, Hampshire, and draw from a diverse range of influences, including the likes of The Clash, Bob Marley, Johnny Cash, and Paul Weller. Their discography boasts three acclaimed albums, including the poignant “Uncharted Water, Faded Glory and Other Stories,” the introspective “A Beautiful Lie or The Ugly Truth,” and the defiant “Fighting on All Fronts.”

The band’s prowess has even caught the attention of Brit Reggae pioneer Dennis Bovell, who remixed their track “More in Sorrow.” With “Small Town Vampire,” Mark Vennis & Different Place continue to carve out their place in the punk rock roots landscape, offering listeners a musical experience that is as timeless as it is invigorating. Get ready to sink your teeth into this Halloween delight!

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