Luna Keller’s “Ocean Inside of Me” A Poignant Journey from Darkness to Light

Spanish-German singer-songwriter Luna Keller unveils her deeply personal track, “Ocean Inside of Me,” a captivating piece that serves as the title track of her forthcoming album. This project is not merely a collection of songs; it’s a moving narrative woven from Luna’s mental health journey, a testament to her resilience and journey back to self-love. Crafted over three years, “Ocean Inside of Me” emerged from Luna’s struggles with mental health, a moment of solitary reflection beneath the starry skies of Tenerife. The lyrics took shape as Luna grappled with her depression, ultimately birthing the concept for her album. Through this musical endeavor, Luna discovered her voice, a path to self-awareness, and a wellspring of self-love.


Collaborating with California-based producer Dominic Romano, Luna and Dominic forged a deep connection, defying geographical boundaries to create something truly extraordinary. Despite the challenges posed by distance, their shared vision and passion for the album brought it to life.

The album’s fruition was made possible through a Kickstarter campaign, with Luna’s community rallying together to raise over 17,000€. This generous support enabled the creation of 10 interconnected music videos, filmed in Latvia with a diverse, international crew. Luna Keller’s work is a testament to authenticity and heart, stories told through the medium of song. Her debut album “Prophecies and Silver Linings” in 2022 was just the beginning, followed by extensive European touring and now her most personal project yet, “Ocean Inside of Me.” This album is set to be unveiled in stages, with one new release each month, culminating in a full album release in the summer of 2024. Luna’s hope is that her songs will not only resonate but also serve as friends to those who listen.

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