“La la la” by the Fat Bottomed Boys A Retro-Rock Symphony with a Contemporary Twist

“La la la” by the Fat Bottomed Boys is a retro-rock revelation with a contemporary edge that promises to transport listeners into a sonic universe of its own. The track, a preview of their upcoming album “Haters Gonna Hate,” is a testament to the band’s ability to seamlessly blend the iconic sounds of Queen with a fresh and modern twist.


The Fat Bottomed Boys, known for their homage to Queen through original compositions, have been making waves since 2020, and “La la la” continues their legacy of musical excellence. The song not only captures the spirit of Queen, particularly the drumming finesse of Roger Taylor, but it also introduces a captivating modernity to their sound. Beyond its musical brilliance, “La la la” delves into a fascinating exploration of ephemeral singers who create memorable hits but disappear from the limelight. The lyrics, coupled with the passionate performance, tell a poignant story that resonates with audiences, adding depth to the overall experience.

The journey of the Fat Bottomed Boys is one of dedication and passion, evolving from a Queen tribute band to creators of original songs that pay homage to their idols. The backstory, including their collaboration with lyricist Craig Mulhall, reveals the intricate process behind their music and the creative spark that ignites their compositions. As the band continues to carve its niche in the music scene, “La la la” serves as a powerful introduction to what promises to be a standout album, set to release on November 24th. The Fat Bottomed Boys invite listeners to join them on a musical journey that not only honors the legends but also forges a path of its own. “La la la” is not just a song; it’s a preview of the magic that awaits in “Haters Gonna Hate.” Get ready to be enthralled by the timeless sounds of the Fat Bottomed Boys, a band that brings happiness to its audience through the passion embedded in their music.

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