Kinga K, A Multifaceted Musician and Vocal Coach Making Waves

Kinga Kreffta, a solo artist and accomplished vocal coach, has made her mark in the music scene, blending her Polish roots with her current base in Leeds, UK. Her musical journey began at the Szymanowski Academy of Music in Katowice, Poland, and culminated with her graduation from Leeds College of Music in 2017. Since then, Kinga K has released a string of singles, including “Here With You,” “When You Left Me,” and “The Girl That Got Away.” Her latest works, “Circles” and the pandemic-inspired “Caged Bird,” have garnered significant recognition, with the latter earning airtime on BBC.


One of Kinga K’s standout compositions, “Caged Bird,” reflects the tumultuous times of the pandemic, resonating deeply with listeners. Her versatility extends beyond her solo career; she’s also the lead singer of a Leeds-based band, showcasing her dynamic presence in the local music scene. Notably, her band has graced prestigious venues like the Brudenell Social Club and impressed audiences at the Ponte Rocks festival.

Kinga K’s influence isn’t confined to performing and recording. As an authorized Complete Vocal Technique teacher, she imparts her expertise to aspiring singers globally. Having graduated from the esteemed Complete Vocal Institute in Copenhagen, Kinga K conducts workshops in Leeds, benefiting both children and adults, as well as various music groups. What sets Kinga K apart is her bilingual prowess, effortlessly writing and performing in both Polish and English. With an insatiable passion for music and a commitment to vocal science, she stands as a testament to the limitless potential of an artist driven by unwavering dedication and talent. Expect Kinga K to continue her ascent, composing new material and delving deeper into the realms of vocal science.

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