Katie Belle’s Latest Release, “Symptoms”: A Pop Masterpiece

Hailing from Georgia, USA, Katie Belle has crafted something truly special with her latest single, “Symptoms,” released on July 25th, 2023. With over 9 years of songwriting experience and a trove of Independent music awards, Belle’s artistic journey culminates in a masterpiece that showcases her exceptional songwriting and vocal prowess. From the very start, “Symptoms” hooks the listener with a syncopated acoustic guitar riff that’s both catchy and irresistibly groovy. The song wastes no time in drawing us in, setting the stage for an enthralling musical journey. Belle’s engaging vocals seamlessly enter the mix, instantly capturing the listener’s heart.


The production of “Symptoms” is nothing short of masterful. Meticulously crafted, it creates a lush sonic landscape that perfectly complements Belle’s powerful vocals. KBA ENTERTAINMENT proudly presents Katie Belle’s single, “Symptoms,” released on 06/25/23. Co-written by Katie Belle, Fabio Campedelli, and Dominique Vellutato, and produced in Campedelli’s LA studio, this track is a shining example of contemporary pop. Belle’s performance is brilliant, her vocals captivating, and the production modern and intriguing. Belle, a fan of mixed-genre music, infuses her original work with liveliness and energy. Her unique raspy vocals and low range serve as the foundation for a production style that incorporates elements of indie pop and EDM. The lyrics perfectly complement her contemporary sound.

The rhythm of the vocals is stellar, showcasing swagger, professional control, and spot-on tone. The beat and music are equally impressive. There’s nothing to complain about here. If you’re a true fan of catchy pop tunes, this track deserves a top spot on your playlist. The decision to feature an electronic arrangement over Belle’s vocals is a creative stroke of genius. It complements the lyrical themes beautifully, thanks to Fabio Campedelli’s highly stylized yet minimalistic production, reminiscent of the works of Finneas and Calvin Harris. “Symptoms” is not just a song, it’s a pop sensation that cements Katie Belle’s place in the contemporary music landscape.

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