JUN, From Psychedelia to Experimental Brilliance

JUN, the brainchild of Rotterdam-based guitarist Juanfer Marrero, presents a unique musical journey. While growing up in southern Spain, one might expect flamenco and folk influences to dominate, but JUN’s childhood was soundtracked by his father’s eclectic 70’s record collection. This early exposure fueled his fascination with psychedelia and soundscapes, a passion that continues to shape his musical endeavors. As a musician, JUN’s trajectory led to a relentless pursuit of experimentation. He pushes the boundaries of what a guitar can sound like, and toys with the established norms of mainstream music’s structure and tempo.


JUN’s debut album, “Octogirl,” dropped on September 20th, 2019, marking the inception of a promising musical journey. Since then, he’s graced renowned venues like LantarenVenster, Grounds, TivoliVredenburg, and Dynamo, as well as festivals including So What’s Next?, InJazz, and Branie. His latest offering, “From the Lights Within,” represents an evolution from his earlier work. The album masterfully melds odd time signatures and ambient interludes reminiscent of experimental rock, with the infectious melodies and electronic rhythms of synth-pop. This shift marks a transition from instrumental compositions to fully realized songs. Recorded amidst the serene Dutch countryside at WedgeView Studios, Woerdense Verlaat, in 2021, “From the Lights Within” captures the essence of JUN’s artistic evolution.

Listening to JUN’s guitar work is akin to encountering modern math-rock, evoking echoes of luminaries like Fripp, Zappa, and Gilmour. Picture Three Trapped Tigers sans synths, or Don Caballero in a sun-soaked ambiance. It’s an impressive sonic tapestry that invites listeners into an immersive musical realm. – Tom van der Vat

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