“Juicy Gossip From The Mothership” by Todd & Karen A Retro-Futuristic Gem

“Juicy Gossip From The Mothership” from the Norwegian-Irish pop duo Todd & Karen is a delightful concoction of retro vibes and contemporary flair. With a sound that’s as quirky and hipster as it is relevant, this single serves as a bridge between eras, offering a fresh and infectious listening experience.


The track’s distinctive charm lies in its sardonic and lyrical indie style, heavily influenced by the late 60s Beatlesque psychedelia and American West Coast pop. Drawing inspiration from musical legends like The Beatles, The Kinks, The Byrds, and more, Todd & Karen craft a sonic journey that’s both nostalgic and refreshingly original. The genesis of Todd & Karen’s musical journey began in the hallways of an IB primary school in Kongsberg, Norway, where both Øyvind Berge and Ina Verdi-Ruckstuhl worked as schoolteachers. Their mutual love for music and a shared sense of humor laid the foundation for their collaboration. What started with personalized birthday jingles for colleagues evolved into a full-fledged musical endeavor.

Their moniker, Todd & Karen, was humorously coined by a friend who playfully chided them for trying too hard with their initial name, “Quirky Haggis.” From that moment on, the name stuck and became emblematic of their musical identity. “Juicy Gossip From The Mothership” is the latest addition to Todd & Karen’s impressive repertoire, following successful releases like “Mr. Beardsley,” “Barbara Barbara Barbara,” and “Cosmo Crowd.” Collaborating with a renowned industry expert known simply as “the Hotshot,” the duo elevates their sound to new heights. This single is a testament to Todd & Karen’s ability to seamlessly blend their diverse influences into a sonic experience that’s both captivating and infectious. With a bright future ahead, this duo is poised to leave an indelible mark on the indie music scene.

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