Jingling into Joy Rehya Stevens’ ‘Be My Baby By Christmas Night’ Sets the Holiday Tone

“Rehya Stevens Jingles All the Way with ‘Be My Baby By Christmas Night'”

As the festive season fast approaches, Rehya Stevens gifts us an early dose of holiday cheer with her latest single, ‘Be My Baby By Christmas Night,’ a delightful prelude to her full Christmas album, “Santa’s Takin’ Over The Town,” slated for release on November 24th, 2023.


The song, inspired by Stevens’ late cat, Gigi, takes a whimsical and romantic approach to Christmas music. With playful piano glisses by producer Brian Steckler, the track narrates a love story that mirrors the mischievous charm of Gigi herself, creating a spirited and love-infused holiday anthem. Stevens shares, “Each time I hear the big, raucous piano glisses, I picture her sassy self bolting down the hall with something delicious between her fangs that she’d swiped from someone’s plate.”In a departure from the acoustic balladry of the first single, “Early Winter,” ‘Be My Baby By Christmas Night’ showcases Stevens’ signature big-hearted and festive playfulness, making it a must-have addition to your Christmas playlist.

Rehya Stevens’ holiday musical legacy is already marked by a #2 Billboard holiday single, an HMMA Award for ‘Best in Holiday,’ and over 46 sync licenses, placing her among the cherished voices of the season. The upcoming album, “Santa’s Takin’ Over The Town,” promises to be a merry celebration, featuring a Deluxe Edition CD with the look of vinyl, including the new 10-song album, and a bonus: Rehya’s 2021 Christmas album, ‘Tis the Season.’ This signed Deluxe Edition CD is available for a limited time on her website, adding a special touch to the holiday festivities. As the song gently unwraps the soundtrack to our Christmas, Rehya Stevens invites us to embrace the spirit of the season, creating an atmosphere of joy and love with her infectious melodies and heartwarming lyrics.

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