Jesse Judies Unveils ‘Colors of Youth’ A Vibrant Indie Rock Journey

Jesse Judies, the indie rock virtuoso hailing from Sydney, Australia by way of San Francisco, is about to drop a musical gem that demands attention. The EP, aptly titled ‘Colors of Youth. offering a tantalizing glimpse into Jesse’s forthcoming full-length album, ‘Coup De Foudre.’ This three-track odyssey chronicles his personal journey of leaving behind the familiar streets of San Francisco for the vibrant backdrop of Sydney.


Formerly known as “Nick Bray,” Jesse Judies is more than just a musician. He’s the guy you might catch playing a festival gig one day and working as a humble bicycle delivery guy the next. What sets him apart is his uncanny ability to infuse indie rock with an infectious energy, coupled with impeccable production and beats that wash away stress in an instant. There’s an intangible charisma that permeates both his music and videos, evident in tracks like “Chemistry” and “This is Gonna Happen.” The EP, ‘Colors of Youth,’ is not just a musical creation—it’s a testament to Jesse’s ability to breathe new life into the indie rock scene. The tracks are a fusion of personal introspection and creative brilliance, masterfully mixed and mastered for a sonic experience that resonates.

Produced and penned by the man himself, Nick Bray, aka Jesse Judies, with mixing by Ollie Brown and mastering by Josh Weaver in Nashville, TN, this EP promises to be a standout in Jesse’s burgeoning catalog. Northern California is in for a treat, with tour stops featuring the electrifying songs from ‘Colors of Youth.’ Jesse Judies has effortlessly blended heartfelt storytelling with indie rock prowess, and ‘Colors of Youth’ is the proof in the pudding. Keep an eye out for this release—it’s bound to make waves in the indie music scene.

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