Jánnos Eolou’s ‘The Tangos of Magical Reality’, An Intricate Fusion of Music and Magic Realism

Jánnos Eolou has embarked on a musical journey over nearly a decade, culminating in the creation of ‘The Tangos of the Magic Reality’. This new album is a testament to his artistry, drawing inspiration from the international movement of Magical Realism. Comprising a full concert work, it spans 60 minutes and features a String Orchestra, Piano, and Accordion.


Eolou’s approach to composition, influenced by luminaries like Borges, evokes a sense of transformation akin to magic mirrors. Themes evolve through fluid labyrinthine changes in tonality, creating a narrative as organic as nature itself. The album features accomplished musicians, including the Sofia Soloists Chamber Orchestra led by Konstantin Dobroykov, Margarita Ilieva on piano, and Dimitris Arabatzis on accordion. Recorded across two studios in Sofia and Thessaloniki, the album production was overseen by Georgi Elenkov, PhD, with a skilled team of sound engineers.

Eolou’s fascination with the Tango form, interwoven with the essence of Magical Realism, reveals a deeply personal perspective on art and life. In a musical landscape where Magical Realism’s influence is rare, Tangos emerges as a fitting companion to the movement. Eolou’s innovative use of ‘polytonality’ signifies a bold departure from traditional tonal structures. By seamlessly transitioning between tonalities, he crafts a musical journey that challenges conventional perceptions, all while maintaining a focus on clarity and emotional resonance.

Music, as Eolou sees it, is a universal language that transcends barriers of comprehension. It resonates with everyone, serving as a conduit to our cosmic universe. ‘The Tangos of Magical Reality’ invites listeners to explore hidden musical universes, illuminated through imaginative artistry. Eolou’s work stands as a beacon, inviting us to perceive reality through the lens of magic and music.

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