J R Harbidge’s ‘Reincarnation Blues’ A Profound Journey through Music and Spirituality

J R Harbidge’s upcoming album, “Reincarnation Blues,” is a testament to his musical prowess and the unique fusion of Americana, Blues, and Alt Country that he dubs as Black Country Americana. Originating from the Black Country and now based in Derby, J R Harbidge has assembled a stellar band to breathe life into his soulful compositions. The album, set for a global release on October 27th, 2023, is steeped in a profound theme that reflects Harbidge’s 20-year spiritual journey. This introspective exploration has culminated in a captivating Americana-infused blues record that promises to resonate deeply with listeners.


Backed by a talented ensemble, including Terry Hopkinson on electric guitar, dobro, lap steel, and BVs, Thomas Mapes on bass, and Mark Bates on drums, J R Harbidge sets the tone with the opening track and album title, “Reincarnation Blues.” This thought-provoking song contemplates the concept of being trapped in a cycle of reincarnation, a mesmerizing introduction to the album’s thematic depth. “Hard” delves into the complexities of loss and grief, while “Good People” grapples with the resilience of ordinary individuals navigating the challenges of a pandemic-ridden world. “Don’t Pass Me By” delves into the complexities of a relationship marked by depression, offering a poignant perspective on love and understanding.

The album’s standout tracks continue to weave a rich tapestry of emotions and narratives. From the ethereal musings of “Hope Light Spirit” to the rollicking energy of “High Hopes,” each song showcases Harbidge’s versatile songwriting and his band’s impeccable musicianship. As the album progresses, the mood takes a darker turn with “Drowning in the Dark,” a powerful rock anthem exploring the allure of the dark side. “Why Do We Stay” introduces a quirky blues element with intricate time signatures, while “This Old Tennessee” pays homage to the classic country sound of the 70s, accentuated by exquisite lap steel. J R Harbidge’s “Reincarnation Blues” is a tour de force, a collection of songs that not only showcase his musical prowess but also invite listeners on a deeply introspective journey. With its seamless blend of genres and thought-provoking themes, this album is poised to leave an indelible mark on the music landscape.

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