J Coubz Takes Us on a Nostalgic Night Drive with Synthwave Single “Prince”

In the vast landscape of Synthwave and Electronic music, J Coubz emerges as a unique artist, crafting a sound that not only pays homage to the 80s but also stands out in its originality. The artist, a lone member identified simply as J Coubz, takes us on a nostalgic night drive with the mesmerizing single “Prince


Immersing himself in the genre, J Coubz draws inspiration from Spotify playlists centered around Synthwave and Electronic sounds with an unmistakable 80s vibe. Yet, he finds a distinctive quality in his music, a uniqueness that sets him apart from other artists. While curators and playlisters acknowledge the quality of his work, it proves challenging to pigeonhole into a specific style, contributing to the originality he claims for his sound. The band, consisting solely of J Coubz, embraces the influence of 80s movie soundtracks, creating an atmospheric experience reminiscent of classics like Michael Mann’s scores. Despite not gracing notable gigs, festivals, or media appearances, J Coubz’s focus on authenticity and originality remains unwavering.

The single “Prince” was born in the heart of Paris, where J Coubz served as both composer and performer. Inspired by childhood memories of nocturnal car rides with his father, the track captures the thrill of navigating city streets at night, surrounded by towering buildings illuminated with countless apartment lights. The inspiration draws from iconic 80s movies such as “Terminator,” John Carpenter’s works, and Michael Mann’s atmospheric films. The production journey unveils interesting details, with the first part influenced by “Knight Rider” and an unexpected infusion of The Offspring’s “Come Out and Play.” The second part, an epiphany of sorts, manifested seamlessly, creating the exact emotional resonance J Coubz sought. As J Coubz eloquently states, “Prince.” Through this single, he invites listeners to a sonic adventure that transcends time, reliving the ethereal nights of his childhood while creating a distinct space within the Synthwave genre that is uniquely his own.

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