Iridesense Emerges with Electrifying Anthem “Take Some Action”

In the pulsating realm of Power Pop, Iridesense reignites their sonic journey with the release of “Take Some Action” on this year’s Election Day, marking their first full band single in eight years. The quartet, led by the dynamic sibling duo of Rick Eberle and Tara Drouin, unleashes a compelling musical narrative that transcends mere melodies. The track is a rallying cry, a call to arms against complacency, urging listeners to break free from the mundane and embrace change.


“Take Some Action” is more than just a song; it’s a sonic manifesto urging a departure from the status quo. Life’s brevity and its rollercoaster of experiences are encapsulated in the vibrant chords and resonant vocals. The timing of the release on Election Day is deliberate, aligning with the broader theme of taking control of one’s destiny. The legacy of Iridesense, formed in 1993 on Long Island, NY, is woven into the fabric of their sound. With previous placements on Nickelodeon and MTV, their music has left an indelible mark on pop culture. The band’s discography, including the EP “Thought Parade” and the self-titled album “Iridesense,” showcases their ability to craft poignant and uplifting tunes.

“Take Some Action” is a bold addition to their repertoire, capturing the essence of urgency and the spirit of seizing the moment. As the infectious energy of the song reverberates, Iridesense beckons audiences to live with passion, embrace change, and indeed, take some action. The single stands as a testament to their enduring musical prowess and serves as a rallying point for those in need of a sonic catalyst for transformation.

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