INTERCONTINEN7AL’s ‘Night Shift’ A Pioneering Musical Odyssey Across Seven Continents

“INTERCONTINEN7AL” shatters musical norms with their latest single, “Night Shift,” a breathtaking composition that transcends borders and genres. This magnum opus unites musicians from all seven continents, creating a sonic tapestry that weaves through folk, acoustic rock, and progressive elements. The song’s unparalleled structure takes the listener on a journey, with each ebb and flow building toward a climax that is nothing short of triumphant.


The global ensemble comprises talents such as Josh Pearlson (Africa), Aymar de Lichtervelde (Antarctica), Nerse and Tnbt (Asia), Robert James Shoveller and Cecily (Australia), Andrasta, Bubbas Bentlass, Darren Fellows, Marcin Nawrocki, Miami73, and Rieneke van Laarhoven (Europe), Alex Burke, Dirty D, Becca Drayer, Hope Gray, David Green, Devin Heritage, and Matt Smith (North America), and Nereo (South America). Their collaboration, sparked by the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic, led to the formation of INTERCONTINEN7AL on BandLab—an inspiring testament to the power of virtual connectivity. What sets “Night Shift” apart is its historical significance as the only song in existence with contributions from all seven continents. The band’s commitment to philanthropy adds depth to their artistic endeavors, with all album proceeds since 2020 going to charities like the International Rescue Committee, Children’s Hospice International, International Justice Mission, and the COVID-19 Global Relief Fund.

Produced, mixed, and mastered by Matt Smith (USA), Marcin Nawrocki (Poland), and Rousevision (Germany), “Night Shift” draws inspiration from diverse influences, embodying a “less is more” philosophy reminiscent of Bon Iver and Ben Harper. The song’s lyrics explore the theme of navigating uncharted territories, capturing the essence of dealing with life’s added responsibilities and stressors in unfamiliar environments. Adding a captivating touch to the song is the classical guitar intro composed by Aymar de Lichtervelde in Antarctica. This collaboration overcame geographical challenges through discussions on key, tempo, and thematic elements, facilitated over WhatsApp. This intriguing dimension exemplifies the band’s dedication to pushing the boundaries of virtual collaboration. In the words of Matt Smith, the visionary behind INTERCONTINEN7AL, “What if we take the Sonic Highways concept that Foo Fighters had of recording music with artists from several cities in the United States, and totally expand it to move forward?” This rhetorical question encapsulates the band’s groundbreaking approach, making “Night Shift” not just a song but a pioneering musical journey across the continents—an experience that goes beyond the notes and rhythms, resonating with the heartbeat of global unity and creativity.

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